Appointment Calendar

You might wish to use an appointment calendar to keep all your medical appointments in one place for easy reference. We have created, for your convenience, a blank calendar which provides you with two months per page. By downloading the blank calendar you save the expense of having to buy a new one, and the time of having to wait for a new calendar to show up at your local office supply store.

This has really been helpful for us when it comes to those odd yearly appointments (such as eye appointments) , labs (such as 24-hour urine tests or PSA/prostate tests) or diagnostic exams (mammography or bone density studies). We can scribble notes to ourselves three months in advance to remind ourselves to schedule yearly exams or to remember to ask our physician to order the yearly labs.

Once again, this is only as effective as you make it!!! You can be as creative as you’d like!

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Click here for a full-sized calendar to print out and fill in. Please note, you must have Adobe® Reader® on your computer to view and print this form. If you do not have this software, and would like a free copy of it, please click

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