How to handle a denial

by Irina

It may happen to anyone to receive an insurance denial. If this is your case, you should spend some time reviewing all the insurance related documents that you have. when you have done such a thing, call the insurer and require more details. It is very possible that a mistake has occurred.Specialists advise you should note every piece of information that you receive, including the name of the person you have talked with and the subject of the discussion.

If this method does not bring any clarifications at all, then it is time that you write an appeal. The documents that you need to collect should be written in the policy. You may discover there are a lot of copies to be made in order to prove you have paid all the money, at the required time. You need also to include the contacts of the doctor who has prescribed you the treatment and also why he considers it to be necessary in your case.

You will probably find in the papers you have received from the insurer details related to the steps that need to be taken when filing a claim. You should respect them all so that your case should be considered.

The good news is that in many states there is the possibility of getting the help form an independent institution. It can analyze your case and advise you further.

Getting a denial is not an easy situation and you need to be prepared in order to handle it properly. I have learned this truth interacting with a lot of people at Millenium Insurance.

(Moderator note: the above link is for an insurance broker in Romania. has no affiliation with it, and receives no compensation for this comment, but it was posted to indicate that dealing with insurance denials is something that occurs throughout the world.

You're not alone in needing to know how to respond to these.)

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