Quick Insurance Summary

The following is a quick insurance summary based on the previous sections.

  • If you are currently covered by an individual policy and are considering changing to a different policy, consider doing so in the beginning of the year. If you were to change policies mid-year or later, you would have to meet the deductible for the old policy and the new policy. By waiting until the first of the year, you will only have to worry about meeting the deductible for the new policy.
  • Remember, your benefit booklet is your friend! The table in the front of the booklet provides you with a quick reference of the services included, the co-payments associated with each service, any exclusions or limitations associated with each benefit, your annual deductible and your out-of-pocket! What a wealth of information!!!!
  • Your benefit booklet also includes your insurance provider’s definitions in the glossary. You should always read the fine print in the sections outlining your HMO’s restrictions or your policy limitations and exclusions!!!!! Make sure you always have an updated benefit booklet and you can find it easily in your home!
  • Make sure your providers are accredited by JCAHO, URAC and/or NCQA! Your safety and the quality of your care depend on it!


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