Whenever Possible, Take Someone With You

Bringing someone with you is just as important as writing down your questions and answers! With such a limited amount of time, it is easy to feel rushed and forget the questions you had for your physician or misunderstand the answers he/she provides. This is definitely a case where having two heads and two sets of ears can really be better than one!

Be sure to talk to your friend or family member before your appointment regarding the questions or concerns you plan to discuss with your physician. Give them permission to remind you of anything you may have forgotten to ask during your appointment.

Maybe you are thinking that your friends/family members are "too busy", or that you really don't want to "bother" anyone because "it is no big deal". Do everyone a favor; have someone with you to keep information straight, and be a help with doctor appointments.

If it means keeping you happy and healthy, you will find your friends or family members will be more than willing to provide you with any help you may need, including going to your appointment.

Does this conversation sound familiar?

"How did it go at your doctor's appointment?"

"Great! Doctor said everything is great."

"Did you tell the doctor about that chest pain you have been having after you eat?"

"Oh yeah, yeah….said not to worry about it, everyone gets that."

In reality, you had no intention of telling your physician about the burning chest pain you have after you eat because you were afraid it may be something serious or it might mean you will have to change your lifestyle.

You didn't want (your friend/family member to go) someone with you because you didn't want them to tell your physician how you were really feeling nor did you want them to hear your physician's recommendations.

When it comes to your health, this game of avoidance and denial is a dangerous game to play. The problem never does away. It gets worse.

Whether you are trying to fool yourself into believing you are "sparing" your friends or family member the "trouble" of accompany you to your appointment or you would prefer to live in avoidance and denial, or worse still, if you are letting your pride get in the way (it's hard to say "what did my doctor say?), the result can have serious consequences.

When the problem gets worse (and it always does get worse), your friend/family member and physician will find out the hard way what you have been hiding. Then they will really be stuck trying to clean up and fix the huge mess.

When it comes to your health, it is important to be honest with your physician and your friends/family. Let your family/friends be there for you during your appointment. You can return the favor by being there during their appointments!

Remember, two heads are better than one and two sets of ears are better than one!!! Take someone with you.

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