Why SBI? Behind the Scenes of Our Story

Why SBI, you might ask? You have read our story and you have read our mission but we also wanted to share with you the story about some of the behind the scenes of our story.

When my husband and I first started discussing how we could provide the greatest number of people with information on "how to survive the healthcare industry" we thought the internet would be our best bet. There was just one catch-our nursing education and physical therapy background did not include "how to create your own website!"

I began searching:

  • for a website host provider (to manage our site name),
  • an engine that would drive visitors to our site,
  • and, software that would allow us to transfer a document into HTML (hyper-text markup language) or download photos to our site
  • and.....

We had to somehow try to learn HTML, without much time to do it, and feeling like learning a computer language was out of our experience. Our dream seemed impossible to reach.

Then I stumbled onto a (Solo Build It!) web site; I was amazed at how well the site was written and how well organized it was, and discovered that SBI! was behind it all! I showed it to my husband and told him what I found; his comment "But why SBI? Why not some other web outfit?"

  • It acts not only as a web host but also provides us with written information, videos, site support and forums (with thousands of active contributors) to help us build our own site!
  • They provide the software to convert our "content" into the HTML and allow us to download pictures to our site!
  • This is an organization of people with a passion for paying it forward.
  • If you have any concerns about writing (you'd be surprised at how important it is to "say it in your own voice" to make it real for the reader), then download this book about how to write (entitled "Make Your Content PREsell"). The book is free.

If you have a hobby or would like to provide the world with information you are passionate about, you might want to consider SBI!

Here are some examples of people with different types of information (different passions to share) who use it to achieve that goal.

If you have questions, and want to talk to another experienced SBI! user, click here for a toll-free (inside North America) phone number, or a form to email your questions.

With all of this, you will find the answer to "Why SBI?"

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