Resources and Websites for Terminal Illness

The following resources and websites were used in writing Dealing With a Terminal Diagnosis. This is only a partial list, but it will provide the reader with the quickest overview.

This site provides information regarding caring for a loved one during the end of life.

Addresses terminal agitation.

Addresses the withholding of food and fluids during the end-phase of life.

Provides a redirection of what you may be facing when hospice is mentioned, to a glimpse of hope in your life journey.

This site has information about state-by-state Advanced Directives and the forms themselves, in PDF format. It also has links for: Healthcare Agents choosing one and being one, preparing your Advanced Directives, storing your Advanced Directives, a summary of HIPAA privacy rules and more.

If you need help with planning ahead and communicating with your loved ones, please use this link, also.

This takes a different approach of the listed resources and websites, and can give you some insight on the framework of thinking that a physician may approach when considering hospice care.

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