How to Prepare for Your Doctor Appointment

Maybe you are thinking "why should I have to 'prepare' for my doctor appointment? I never have had to in the past!!! Why start now?" Here are a just a few reasons why you should break your old habits and start preparing for your appointments:

  • Typically, your routine appointments are made at least three months in advance. With so much happening in your life, it is too hard to remember all the things related to medical questions that you wanted to ask your physician between now and your next appointment unless you prepare ahead of time and write your questions down!
  • Your visit will last, on average, 15 minutes. Twenty-three seconds after you start to tell your doctor the reason for your visit, he/she will interrupt and redirect the conversation.
  • You prepare for tests. You prepare for interviews. Why wouldn't you want to be prepared for the appointment with your doctor?! Your health is too important, and time too precious, for you to go unprepared for your appointment!

With a few quick steps you can easily prepare for your upcoming doctor visit!

And if you need to help an elderly parent talk to medical professionals, this will give you much more information to work with.

What to Write Down During Your Doctor Appointment

Take Someone With You

Keep Your Records in a Healthcare Binder

Other Things to Consider


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