White Smoke...or was it something else?

by Heidi
(Charlotte, NC)

When my dear father was dying, the last few days were the worst. He was in bed, comatose, the last two days.

At one point, I was in his room with him. I stood up and walked over to the corner near the bathroom. I turned around, and saw white smoke near the head of his bed, and it looked as though it was forming the outline of a head and shoulders. I was startled, thinking I had a lit cigarette in my hand, and oh my goodness! How could I have been so thoughtless as to have a cigarette inside near my dying father! I really thought it was cigarette smoke - that's exactly what it looked like. Well, I was so upset about what I had done that I raced outside only to realize when I got there that I had no cigarette. So....what was that white smoke, then?

I believe it was the spirit of my dear mother, who had passed on when I was 15, whom my father longed to see again. Or perhaps it was HIS mother, who had come to be with him in his last two days. In his agitation, he had been calling for her, so I believe it was her, come to escort him Home.

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