Does Grieving End, Ever?

You may ask "when does grieving end?" When you lose something that is of great value to you, you never really stop remembering what it meant to you, or why it brought value to your life. What may change is how you remember.

Think of some "thing" that you lost in your life that had great value both sentimentally and functionally. You lose it and you are upset and frustrated with yourself. You are angry that it is lost, and because it is irreplaceable. But, you try to move on. You might try to find its replacement. Eventually, you just learn to function without it. When you remember what was lost, it doesn't make you angry, you just kind of long for it.

This is what you experience when you are grieving. Initially, the pain runs deep. In the beginning, thinking about the person or pet that you lost makes you angry or hurt or depressed or frustrated or a host of other dark emotions, including the scariest of all, not wanting to love again. But, eventually, the sharp edge wears down. Over time, you can think of the person or pet with a smile when you remember things you did together; special times. It doesn’t mean that you stop missing them; it is just that your response to their no longer being an active part of your life changes a bit.

In the beginning, the slightest thing that triggers memories of your loved one may cause you to cry uncontrollably. Later down the road, the same thing can bring a smile to your face.

You never really stop missing them or even wishing things were different. Your emotional response just changes, with your grief processing taking its course.

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